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South Bend Forklift Parts - The city of South Bend, Indiana gets its name as its location along St. Joseph River's southernmost bend. The city serves as the county seat for St. Joseph County. The population of the city of South Bend is approximately 101,168 while the population of its Metropolitan Statistical Area is roughly 316,663. The Combined Statistical Area population is 544,582. South Bend is considered the economical center of the Michiana Region and is the 4th largest city within the state of Indiana. Notre Dame, Indiana is situated just towards the of the city and hosts the University of Notre Dame.

During 1865, South Bend City was incorporated as a city and after that developed as a really industrialized economy. This was mostly due to certain pioneering companies including the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company. During the 19th century, the biggest maker of wagons was the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company and was one of the only companies which were able to successful transition to manufacturing automobiles from making wagons. They had a big part on the economy of South Bend until they were closed during the year 1963. Other notable companies who played a key part on the growth of South Bend consist of Oliver Corporation, the Birdsell manufacturing Company, the Bendix Corporation, the Singer Sewing Machine Company, the South Bend Toy Company and Honeywell.

The economy within the city remains diverse, comprising wholesale and retail trade, education, healthcare, and government. The biggest employer in the city is the Notre Dame University. Therefore, education has a considerable effect on South Bend's economy. Local companies have partnered with the university to further research and development on numerous projects. The 2nd biggest employer in South Bend is the Memorial Health System. Several other medical related businesses are situated in South Bend.

Manufacturing is another city industry which has played a significant part within the economy. Amongst the numerous manufacturing sectors in the city includes non-electrical machinery, transportation, plastic products and rubber products. AM General, the corporation that makes Hummer military and special purpose vehicles, has its head office in South Bend. It is among the largest employers in the city.

Very Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C and six Catholic brothers founded the University of Notre Dame during the year 1842. Since then, the university has become an essential part of economy and culture of South Bend.

The Studebaker National Museum features over 114 years of automotive history. The collection also showcases all sorts of Studebaker products. These products vary from the early Conestoga Wagon all the way to the last automobile that the company was able to produce. In 1922, the Morris Performing Arts Center was opened. It has recently been renovated and is currently home to the South Bend Symphony Orchestra as well as the Broadway Theatre League. The South Bend Regional Museum of Art is situated downtown in Century Center. It was established during 1996 and is home to over 850 pieces of art work from an assortment of regional artists.

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