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Indiana Forklift Parts - Indiana is a U.S. state, admitted to the United States as the 19th on the 11th of December, 1816. It is situated within the Midwestern United States and Great Lakes Region. With 6,483,802 inhabitants, the state of Indiana is ranked 15th in population and 16th in population density. The state of Indiana is ranked 38th in land area and is the smallest state in the continental US west of the Appalachian Mountains. Its largest and capital city is Indianapolis, the leading state capital east of Mississippi and the second largest among any state capital.

For thousands of years, different cultures of indigenous peoples and historic Native Americans inhabited Indiana long before it became a territory. Angel Mounds State Historic Site, amongst the best preserved ancient earthwork mound sites within the country, can be located in Southwestern Indiana near Evansville.

The inhabitants of the state are known as "Hoosiers." The derivation is hypothesized to come from "Hoosier" originating from a frontier greeting, a corruption of "Who's here?" The name of the state translates to "Land of the Indians," or just "Indian Land." This name dates back to at least the 1760s but was first applied to the area by the United States Congress when the Indiana Territory was incorporated during 1800, separating it from the Northwest Territory.

The labor force of Indiana was 3,084,100 during 2000, helping to provide a total gross state product of $275.7 billion. A big percentage of this output comes in the form of manufacturing. The northwest region of Indiana called the Calumet region is the largest steel producing area within the United States Indiana's other manufactures consist of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, electrical equipment, automobiles, transportation equipment, chemical products, petroleum, rubber and coal products, and factory machinery.

Compared to its Rust Belt neighbors, Indiana's and its dependence on manufacturing has not seen the steep declines in manufacturing. Certain factors in the current labor market seem to supply the explanation. Firstly, much of the heavy manufacturing, such as steel and industrial machinery, requires highly skilled labor, and companies are often willing to locate where hard-to-train skills already exist. Second, Indiana's work force is located mainly within smaller and medium-sized cities rather than in really expensive and large metropolises. This makes it possible for firms to offer rather lower wages for these skills than would typically be paid. Businesses normally see in Indiana an opportunity to obtain higher than average skills at lower than average income.

The state of Indiana sits inside the U.S. Corn Belt and Grain Belt. Using a feedlot-style system, the state raises corn to fatten hogs and cattle. Another major cash crop is corn and soybeans. The big urban centres of Indianapolis and nearby Chicago help to assure that egg production, specialty horticulture and dairying happen. Other crops comprise melons, tomatoes, grapes, mint, popping corn, and tobacco in the southern counties. The majority of the original land was not prairie and had to be cleared of deciduous trees. Many parcels of woodland remain and support a furniture-making industry within the southern portion of Indiana.

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