Specifications of Clark Forklifts

Pneumatic trucks, cushion trucks and narrow aisles are just amongst the various types of forklift trucks manufactured by Clark. The various types vary when it comes to the way they are powered. For example, heavy-duty forklifts used for construction and agriculture are powered by an internal combustible engine. Narrow aisle models designed for use inside warehouses and various other confined spaces are powered by rechargeable battery.

Lifting Capacity
According to the type of Clark forklift trucks, the lifting capacity can differ. Forklifts which are battery-powered have a range from 1100-3000 kilograms, which depends on the model. For a greater capacity range, the internal combustion or IC kinds are recommended. They could lift from 1400-8000 kilograms.

AC batteries, either 36 volt or 48 volt, are utilized to operate Clark electric forklift trucks. The internal combustion or IC engine kinds have 52 to 100 horsepower engines. The IC kinds have automatic transmission with single-speed, two-speed or three-speed kinds.

The frame/cab assembly is in the center of the forklift and consists of overhead protective cover for the operator, controls and the seat. The frame includes the fuel tank, engine, wheels, transmission and trans-axle.

Clark Forklift Parts List
Certainly among the top producers of package systems and alternative fuel inventory vehicles and trucks within the globe is the Clark Material Handling Company. The Clark CGC 55 front-drive line has conventional internal combustion engine with a lifting capacity of 5400 kilograms and runs on liquid propane gas.

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